During my education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and later in Katowice, I have often heard that students of design faculty should learn calligraphy and lettering. During my own exercisess, a few questions appeared in my head:
- why is it worth to learn calligraphy and lettering?
- what skills (in addition to the increase of manual skills) are being influenced by this practice?
- does this translate into a designer's professional work?
            Unfortunately, the curriculum as well as the analyzed publications  did not answer above  questions. The next point of the design process was to talk with different designers about the impact and use of skills acquired along with the practice of calligraphy and lettering. I managed to establish cooperation with sixteen designers from various cultural centers and universities. They were, among others Veronika Burian, Petra Dočekalová, Cyrus Highsmith, Martin Majoor, Robert Jarzec and Mateusz Machalski.
            The discussions and further research work resulted in a publication divided into five chapters. The first - "Need" describes the perceived design problem. The second - "Definitions" defines the most important concepts within the topic. The third - "Effects" consists of two parts: the first, so-called indirect effects, discusses the effects of the  calligraphy and lettering practice in  translation to the designer’s personal benefits, eg. the ability to work with the system. The second part, i.e. direct effects, refers to the visible benefits in the project. The fourth chapter answers the question "What if manual skills fail and you can not see the effects of the lettering practice?". The fifth part is "Appendix" - questions to designers and their most interesting statements.

The publication is an attempt to answer the question about the meaning and purpose of the practice of calligraphy and lettering, and thus is a proposal to complement the noticed gap, i.e. on the publishing market.

thesis supervisor: dr hab. Tomasz Bierkowski, prof. ASP,
mgr Paulina Urbańska

Master Degree diploma
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice


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